Cleveland Clinic Critical Care Transport

 18 CCT SikorskyWhen time is critical, helicopter transport is frequently the transport mode of choice. The Cleveland Clinic Critical Care Transport Team has a fleet of helicopters, medically equipped and fully capable of handling all types of critically ill and injured patients.

Our fleet of Sikorsky 76 A++ helicopters is among the largest and fastest in civilian use, with speeds of 180 mph. The interior provides full access to the patient. The rotor wing aircraft allows seating for 3 medical crew members and one family member when circumstances permit.

Our flight crew is led by an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner or Physician on every flight. These advanced practice nurses are specially trained to operate in the unstructured environment of flight. The diagnostic reasoning and prescriptive authority of our nurse practitioners enable Cleveland Clinic care to begin the moment we arrive at the patient's side, and allow for a seamless transition into Cleveland Clinic.

Our team is a full service Cleveland Clinic ICU.

wingsWe provide:

Mechanical Ventilation, BiPAP, CPAP, Nitric Oxide Invasive pressure monitoring, including insertion Intra-aortic balloon pumps Ventricular Assist Devices ECMO Temporary Pacemakers
Time is often crucial. Our Transport team is definitive care brought to the bedside.

For more information go to: Cleveland Clinic Critical Care Transport Team


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